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Few details emerge on 85 Miramonte Elementary teachers removed from campus

Miramonte Elementary students and parents protest outside their school.
Miramonte Elementary students and parents protest outside their school.
Vanessa Romo/KPCC

Superintendent John Deasy spoke with KPCC earlier today and provided few details on the 85 Miramonte Elementary School teachers removed from their campus nearly two months ago, after two former teachers were accused of inappropriate conduct with students.

"We are nearing the end of a police investigation and an administrative investigation is underway so that when faculty are no longer part of an investigation and are cleared, they will return to the school," Deasy said. "It is their right to return to the school."

The entire school staff was removed over two pupil free days in early February and placed at the unopened Augustus Hawkins High School. Nearly two months later the district has declined to provide details on their day-to-day activities or specifics on when they will return to teaching classes. The removal of an entire school staff is unprecedented, and the teacher's union spoke strongly against the action.

Deasy said the school will close at the end of this school year and reopen up slightly smaller as part of a separate district effort to reduce year-round schools in conjunction with its building program.

"While faculty have the right to go back there, they will also have the right to apply to any of the new schools as well," Deasy said.

United Teachers Los Angeles spokeswoman Marla Eby said the union supports a thorough investigation that is done fairly and soberly.

"We're working to support [the teachers] as much as possible, and working to ensure things are resolved in a positive way, especially since they didn't do anything."

The teachers have filed a grievance to ensure (and insure) their right to return to the school as promised by the district.

"There was very good teaching taking place, and some very serious problems, and we dealt with the problems and want to keep the very good teaching," Deasy said.

UPDATE: Eby clarified that the Miramonte teacher have not been accused of anything.

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