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DeBord Report on 'America Now with Andy Dean,' October 12 edition

Listen in to the DeBord Report, from last Friday's segment.
Listen in to the DeBord Report, from last Friday's segment.

Last Friday's economy report on "America Now" with Andy Dean followed one day after the Vice-Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, so Andy and I spent the entire segment debating who won, who didn't win, whether Paul Ryan has any friends, and whether Joe Biden was incredibly rude and abrasive or...a thespian! 

We're probably going to spend some time this coming Friday talking about Obama v. Romney, Part II. You can listen live here at 4PM PT. Will Mr. Obama stage a comeback? Or will Romney continue to cut into the President's increasingly slender lead?

We'll also get into some business and economy stuff. Enjoy!

Also, congratulations to Andy and his whole crew — Producer Michelle, Producer Miranda, and Engineer Kyle — for adding a whole bunch of new markets, including Orlando, the land of "100 percent humidity and 0 percent state taxes," according to Mr. Dean.

The man knows his paradise.

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