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Forget Avatar vs. Heat Locker, Wrap Your Head Around the Beer Float. Yes, Beer with Ice Cream.

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You can find it at Golden State on Fairfax. But don’t forget to bring a designated driver! Mine was CyberFreak Tanya Miller, who needed a steady, sober hand to shoot the beer float video.

Ever since I read Cannery Row in high school, I’ve dreamt of the beer float. A character in the Steinbeck story, Doc, loves beer and ice cream. And so his dream: the beer milk shake.

For me, blending the two was a little too exotic. But ice cream floating on beer? Now that could work!

Only thing is that in high school beer meant Coors Light or if we were getting fancy Corona. And good ice cream meant Haagan Daaz or Ben and Jerry's.

What about Corona on Cherry Garcia?

Um, I’ll pass.

But the craft beer and gourmet ice cream movement has changed all that. And beer floats have become popular at eateries like Golden State, which feature yummy craft beers and gourmet ice cream from Scoops


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