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Open Letter to Glenn Beck


PT Barnum

Dear Mr. Beck,

We're a brand-new show (pardon the pun), and we're trying to build an audience. We have about 30 thousand listeners per week. You have about two million a day. A day!  And you have such power -- power to revive obscure political thinkers, such as Willard Cleon Skousen.  Skousen, according to Sean Wilentz in this week's New Yorker, was considered so extreme that even J. Edgar Hoover's FBI watched him closely.  But you were able to lift Skousen's The 5,000 Year Leap (key idea: the Constitution is rooted in the Bible) to best-seller status on Amazon.

If you could do that for a man who believed the worst victims of slavery were the slaveholders, then perhaps you could do that for our little show. I'm asking you to mention The Madeleine Brand Show and our interview with Sean Wilentz on your show. Just one little mention. 

I think you know as well as I that, as the greatest showman himself said, all publicity is good publicity.