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Koch Brothers Money Goes to Prop 23


The Los Angeles Times is reporting that billionaire businessmen David and Charles Koch have given a million dollars in support of Proposition 23.  That's the proposition that would delay implementation of AB 32, the law that would cut California's emissions of green house gases to 1990 levels.

A recent The New Yorker  profile of the Koch brothers shows they've spent tens of millions of dollars over the last three decades, financing libertarian causes.  

Recently they've been financing Tea Party activities.  

Tea Party activists are planning a rally in California on Sept. 12th in support of Prop 23.

And the Koch brothers aren't the only non-Californians involved in the push to pass Prop 23.  The bulk of its financial support is coming from oil and gas interests based in Texas.

Predictably, environmentalists are against the Proposition.  

Will the fight over Prop 23 become another example of the Tea Party's political clout?

It's a story the MBS will be following closely...


(Note: original version of this post originally inaccurately said the Kochs were based in Texas.)