Public Inspection Files


89.1 KUOR, Redlands, California

KUOR 89.1 FM, Redlands, is licensed to the University of Redlands. KUOR is operated by Southern California Public Radio, a separate nonprofit coproration, pursuant to a public service operating agreement between SCPR and UR. SCPR is an affiliated organization of American Public Media Group.

Below is a list of the contents of the KUOR public file. Note that most of these files are in PDF format and must be opened with Adobe® Reader®. If you do not have the Reader software installed, you can download it free from the Adobe site. .


Public Files Content


Applications, Permits, etc.

Local public notice announcements

Auxiliary Radio Broadcast Services

Contour Map

Satellite Earth Terminal

SCA/Remote Authorization


Procedure Manual
The Public and Broadcasting

Ownership Report
Most recent report
Most recent biennial report

Issues/Program Lists

EEO Public File Report

EEO program report 7/26/13

Donor Lists

Political File

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws