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Infrastructure Correspondent

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Infrastructure is what we build together to make life better (and the things that break). My role is to reveal the often-surprising and important systems that make life possible in and around L.A.

Stories by Sharon McNary

LA's Park To Playa Trail: After 20 Years You Can Now Hike From Crenshaw To The Beach

The last section of a 13-mile hiking and biking trail that's been 20 years in the making has finally opened in Los Angeles.

Funerals Must Change In This Time Of Social Distancing

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing life all over Southern California, including our religious and cultural rituals of death. How do you mourn together in a time of social distancing?

Homeless Advocates Protest Echo Park Cleanup

Members of several groups of homeless advocates from across Los Angeles converged on a homeless encampment at the north end of Echo Park Lake on Feb. 12 to protest the routine weekly litter collection.

Your Urban Drool (aka Polluted Runoff) Isn't Being Cleaned Up Quickly Enough, Says Heal The Bay

Angelenos are used to looking up Heal the Bay's annual beach water quality report card each May as we search out the cleanest places to swim and surf.

Your Urban Drool (aka Polluted Runoff) Isn't Being Cleaned Up Quickly Enough, Says Heal The Bay

In a first-ever report, the environmental group concludes the managers of 12 watersheds from Malibu to Long Beach are making too little progress toward cleaning up this major source of pollution in the Pacific.

Edison's New Policy Of Public Safety Power Shutoffs Burdens Rural Residents

Large utilities cut off power to millions of Californians over the past two months to reduce the risk that power lines might spark new fires. Nearly 200,000 Southern California Edison customers were blacked out, some for days at a time.

What Did Porter Ranch Residents Breathe During The Massive Gas Leak? Here's What One Doctor's Quest Revealed

L.A. County's acknowledgement that Jeffrey Nordella's research is "potentially important" is a big shift from its previous defensiveness and reluctance to address it.

After Aliso: How the worst gas leak in US history forced Angelenos to rethink their energy supply

For many years, natural gas was considered to be a safe, dependable energy source. Then came the country's largest uncontrolled leak.

Three Outcomes For Homes Located Atop The Same Canyon Ridge

Fire moves fastest when it’s driven by the wind up a slope. Residents who live atop the scenic ravines of Porter Ranch know their homes can be especially vulnerable to wildfire. 

Waiting To Leave After An Evacuation Order Meant A Terrifying Exodus For One Woman

During wildfires, fire experts estimate about 10 percent of people ignore evacuation orders, and another 25 percent wait around to see how bad the fire is before leaving. KPCC’s Sharon McNary has the story of one woman in that wait-and-see group.

This RV Park Is The Last Resort For Families On The Edge, But Eviction Looms

The owner illegally doubled the capacity of his RV park to house more families, a move that triggered enforcement actions.

Councilman calls for investigation of Playa del Rey gas field

The Aliso Canyon gas leak broke out near Porter Ranch nearly four years ago. On Tuesday a City Councilman called for an investigation of a different underground gas field after troubling images surfaced on video.

You Can Rip Out Your SoCal Lawn For Money Again — Now Without Landscaping Abominations

The Metropolitan Water District's new rebate program is still about removing grass, but it has a tighter focus on improving the looks and sustainability of our collective front yards.

L.A.’s No-touch, Automated, Self-cleaning, Singing Park Restroom

Angelenos have more than a dozen self-cleaning automated toilets scattered around the city and county, but the first to go into a Los Angeles City park was opened recently. KPCC's Sharon McNary visited.

Displaced By Fire Or Earthquake? State Orders Phone Companies To Help You

If a disaster forces you from your home, access to reliable phone service can help you get back on your feet. State utility regulators have voted to require phone companies to provide some essential basic services for survivors.