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Los Angeles is the home of arts and entertainment. My job is to help you figure out what is worth your time, and introduce you to other talented Angelenos who make it happen. This is a space for the creative work you care about — or don’t know about yet.

Stories by Mike Roe

WonderCon, Comic-Con's 'little brother,' comes to LA for the first time

Mike Roe gives us the "Roedown" on all you need to know about WonderCon, March 25-27 — and how some think it's an audition for L.A. to woo San Diego Comic-Con.

'The Walking Dead' rise in Universal Studios Hollywood attraction

A permanent "The Walking Dead" attraction is coming this summer, following three years of seasonal "Walking Dead" mazes as part of the annual Halloween Horror Nights.

'The Powerpuff Girls' return as cartoon reboots punch into high gear

Recently Cartoon Network revealed that one of their most beloved original shows, "The Powerpuff Girls," was returning to the network. What's with all of the revisited content?

Who killed Killarney the koala?

The caretakers discovered the koala missing last Thursday. Officials say surveillance video places the mountain lion on zoo grounds at about the same time.

12 videos from Nancy Reagan's 'Just Say No' campaign

One of the aspects of Nancy Reagan that put her in the public's imagination the most was her "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign. Watch highlights from that campaign here.

Do not pass go — unless you're a pedestrian

Downtown Los Angeles is getting 15 new pedestrian "headstart" signals to help improve the safety of people crossing the street when vehicles are trying to make right turns.

Ennio Morricone gets a Walk of Fame star with his 7th Oscar nod

Morricone is up for the Best Original Score at this Sunday's Oscars for "The Hateful Eight" — which could be his first win — but he's been creating memorable movie music since the '50s.

No, the Pacific Palisades 'Nazi compound' isn't being torn down

Despite reports that Murphy Ranch, thought to be part of a Nazi-sympathizer compound inhabited in the 1930s and '40s, was set to be torn down, that's not quite true.

Porter Ranch: California legislators consider Aliso Canyon moratorium

The state Legislature is considering a moratorium on injecting gas into the Aliso Canyon storage facility, which leaked methane in the Porter Ranch area for several months.

Los Angeles County 4th in new voter percentage statewide

L.A. County had the largest number of new registered voters sign up since early 2012 — but they came in fourth for percentage increase relative to the county's large population.

Former LA Councilman Bill Rosendahl 'gravely ill,' in hospice care

Rosendahl had several hospital visits and a brief stay in a convalescent home, and both his medical team and his family "feel that he is in his twilight days."

Porter Ranch gas leak temporarily stopped, company says

Work crews digging a relief well intercepted the leaking well on Thursday, allowing them to pump heavy fluids inside, the company said in a statement.

Record highs set across LA — and next week gets even hotter

We've been dealing with a heat wave in the greater L.A. area, and while temperatures are expected to cool down going into the weekend, things start heating up again Sunday.

Obamajam: See the areas to avoid during the president's visit here

The president is scheduled to attend fundraisers in Silicon Valley Thursday before flying to Los Angeles, where he'll also attend Democratic fundraisers and tape an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

How Molly got on 'The Bachelor' — but only in funny videos she makes herself

There's one "The Bachelor" contestant who you can see online, but you may not recognize from the actual show. That's because she's making these videos that look like they fit right in herself.