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Los Angeles is the home of arts and entertainment. My job is to help you figure out what is worth your time, and introduce you to other talented Angelenos who make it happen. This is a space for the creative work you care about — or don’t know about yet.

Stories by Mike Roe

LA County sheriff's sergeant shot, killed; suspect arrested

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Steve Owen was shot and killed on Wednesday, a department spokesperson said at a press conference.

$13.5 million US Bank settlement reached over upkeep of LA foreclosures

U.S. Bank reached the settlement with the L.A. City Attorney's Office for allegedly failing to maintain hundreds of foreclosed properties, many in South L.A. and the San Fernando Valley.

'Batman Beyond: Rebirth' details a refugee crisis in Gotham's future

"Batman Beyond" is a world that just won't die. Comic book creators Dan Jurgens and Bernard Chang told us about the latest iteration, with a new relaunch in stores everywhere.

2 charged in murder of Fullerton couple and their friend

Joshua Acosta and Frank Felix were charged Tuesday in connection with the murders of three people in Fullerton, according to a press release from the Orange County DA's office.

How hot is it? Not hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

We asked someone who's tried cooking an egg outside in one of the hottest places around — Death Valley National Park — who told us what will probably happen if you try.

5 LA Podcast Festival shows that will blow your mind

To celebrate the event's fifth anniversary, check out five podcasts from the festival that are definitely worth checking out — and find out about their new competition.

More than 100 Rams fans treated as team struggles to keep water stocked

One key problem on Sunday: An inability to make sure the concession stands were stocked with water throughout the game, even though there was water in the building.

Rams agree to pay for security at LA Coliseum

The agreement also covers the cost of fire and sanitation services. The team has agreed to make retroactive payments for two preseason home games from last month.

SoCal Gas must pay $4 million for not reporting Porter Ranch leak

It requires the utility to pay the maximum legal fine, as well as adopting additional safety measures beyond what's required by law at the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility.

LA votes to increase fees on developers for more parks

The fees are paid for by residential developments and are meant to mitigative negative impacts and to add park space for residents as those developments are built.

Labor Day 2016: Travel tips, what to do in LA and more

If you're lucky enough to get to rest from your labor a little more with a long weekend, we've got everything you need to know about traveling, staying in town and much more.

11 must-sees at LA Fleet Week

Los Angeles's Fleet Week starts Friday and runs through Monday — and it's totally free. Here's everything worth your time.

5 arrested for distributing 'spice' on Skid Row

More than 50 people were hospitalized recently in two mass overdoses of the artificial marijuana drug.

How you can keep the Olympic spirit alive after the 2016 Games

The 2016 Olympic Games are over, but they once again provided inspiration to viewers around the world. Here's how you can support the Olympics and get involved.

Motion banning 'spice' heading to LA City Council

Councilman Englander announced that he's putting forward an emergency motion to create an ordinance banning the sale, possession and transportation of the drug "spice."