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Larry Mantle has been the host of AirTalk on KPCC since April 1st, 1985. It is now the longest continuously running daily talk program in the Los Angeles radio market. Mantle also hosts the movie review and interview program FilmWeek on AirTalk, heard every Friday at 11 a.m. on KPCC and Saturday at noon.

A fourth-generation Angeleno, Larry has interviewed thousands of prominent guests on an extraordinary array of topics, and received many journalistic awards in the process. Larry grew up in southwest Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Hollywood. He's a graduate of Hollywood High School and Vanguard University of Southern California. Larry and his wife Kristen are the parents of Desmond.

Stories by Larry Mantle

An American President

What a morning! Like you, I awoke to news that President Obama was releasing the long form of his birth certificate. Though “birthers” have been questioning the President’s eligibility for office since he was first elected, it seems Donald Trump’s embrace of the issue gave the final push to Mr.

L. A. Times/USC poll shows voters take issue with both parties

I was struck by how strongly California voters feel about getting a chance to vote on Governor Brown’s proposed extension of selected tax increases. Though support for passing the extension looks iffy, voters want their say, regardless of political party.

Will more Dodger fans turn out at the Stadium now that McCourt is sidelined?

Wednesday’s stunning news that Major League Baseball will take over operation of the Dodgers was greeted with joy by longtime fans frustrated by the McCourt regime. From putting their kids on the payroll in imaginary jobs, to charging the team rent to use their stadium, the McCourts have been perceived by many fans as using the team to enrich themselves rather than investing in the franchise.

The power of distinct voices

Wednesday morning on AirTalk, we spent our second hour looking at the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon blowout in the Gulf. Our guests included the former Incident Commander for the BP spill, Admiral Thad Allen, and NPR reporter Eileen Fleming.

"AirTalk" listeners talk with the woman who alleges she was raped by a man she met on

Larry Mantle

Kobe Bryant meets the "God of Carnage"

Thursday morning on AirTalk, we heard from listeners about Kobe Bryant’s anti-gay slur that was picked up by a TV microphone and cameras during Tuesday night’s Lakers game at Staples Center.

The new electricity mandate for one-third renewable sources

Wednesday morning on AirTalk, we talked about California’s new rule that requires power suppliers to get 33-percent of their electricity from solar, wind, or geothermal sources by 2020.

Honey, don't take the car -- they'll impound it

As our Frank Stoltze has reported, the union representing LAPD officers has filed a grievance against the department over its new rules about impounding cars from unlicensed drivers.

Random post-vacation thoughts!

How’s that for a scintillating, must-read, title. That’s what happens when I go on vacation – my sense of presentation deserts me.

A great April Fools prank commemorates our 26th anniversary

They got me good! I opened my mouth to introduce Film Week on AirTalk, only to hear my son, Desmond, greeting listeners and running through the movies to be reviewed. I was stunned.

L. A. radio's living legend, Michael Jackson

What a pleasure in having the talk radio giant Michael Jackson observing part of AirTalk Thursday morning. Michael dropped in to check out our studios and watch how we put together our daily program.

Santa Ana’s gentrification sparks debate

The Santa Ana City Council has proposed multiple projects to upgrade housing and bring new business activity to the area. But some vocal groups oppose redevelopment. They argue that the changes will push out family-owned businesses and negatively transform the character of downtown Santa Ana.

Santa Ana's battle for the soul of a city

Tuesday morning on AirTalk, we aired our hour-long debate about the future of Santa Ana’s downtown. The program originated at Libreria Martinez, Ruben Martinez’s terrific bookstore on Broadway in the heart of historic Santa Ana.

Boyhood memories of Elizabeth "Cleopatra" Taylor

Talking Wednesday morning on AirTalk about the death of Elizabeth Taylor reminded me of one of my earliest memories of movies. I was nearly five years old and looking at the calendar pages of the Los Angeles Times as it rested open on the breakfast nook table at my grandparents’ house in the View Park neighborhood of southwest L.

Online tax collections

No, I’m not talking about Internet-based IRS audits. Instead, it’s the ongoing battle to collect sales taxes from web-based retailers like Amazon.