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Larry Mantle has been the host of AirTalk on KPCC since April 1st, 1985. It is now the longest continuously running daily talk program in the Los Angeles radio market. Mantle also hosts the movie review and interview program FilmWeek on AirTalk, heard every Friday at 11 a.m. on KPCC and Saturday at noon.

A fourth-generation Angeleno, Larry has interviewed thousands of prominent guests on an extraordinary array of topics, and received many journalistic awards in the process. Larry grew up in southwest Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Hollywood. He's a graduate of Hollywood High School and Vanguard University of Southern California. Larry and his wife Kristen are the parents of Desmond.

Stories by Larry Mantle

Parsing the fallout from Bell management resignations

The Bell city manager, assistant city manager and police chief resigned from their jobs Thursday night after a public outcry over their high salaries. Now Bell residents can help regulate city officials' salaries by revoking the city charter on November ballots.

Roger Mudd remembers Daniel Schorr

Daniel Schorr’s friend and broadcast colleague, Roger Mudd, told KPCC’s Larry Mantle that Schorr's work on the Watergate Scandal was the pride of the CBS Washington bureau.

eBooks and the old school version can just get along

Amazon announced this week that eBooks are now strongly outselling hardcover editions on its website. Paperbacks still hold the lead, but one wonders for how long.

Comic-Con alights in Southern California for its 40th year

The giant pop culture convention Comic-Con International opens to the public Thursday in San Diego.

Angry responses to Bell salaries

People in the city of Bell are responding to a recent Los Angeles Times article that reported their city manager makes nearly almost $800,000 a year and the chief of police receives double the LAPD Chief‘s pay.

48-hours of whiplash in the story of Shirley Sherrod

From conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart to the NAACP, Fox News to the Ag Department, the case of Sherrod is simply amazing. The speed with which these events unfolded is breathtaking, and the lack of simple fact-checking disheartening.

How do you solve a problem like eleven-million illegal immigrants?

Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray of San Diego County talked with me Tuesday morning about prospects for immigration reform in Washington. The congressman argued that establishing a path to regularizing the status of people here illegally would only entice more people to cross the border into the U.

"AirTalk" getting ready to head to Arizona

Our plan is to broadcast live from the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix on the day that SB 1070 goes into effect. We still don't know if a court will block implementation of the law, but we're planning to be there on Thursday, July 29th, ready to fill you in on Day One.

Experts disagree on the safety of sunscreen

Days like this one tempt just about everyone to spend time in the sun. But experts disagree about the safety of sunscreen products.

"AirTalk" listeners are first in line for "Inception"

On Friday morning's "Film Week on AirTalk," we heard critics Henry Sheehan and Andy Klein debate the pros and cons of Christopher Nolan's new film. Andy was thoroughly impressed with the movie's multiple layers of dreams.

We need digital time-outs

Thursday morning on "AirTalk," William Powers talked about his book, "Hamlet's Blackberry: A Practical Philosophy for Building a Good Life in the Digital Age." Powers looked back at several critical points in world history when breakthroughs offered tremendous human advancement and concerns about the price humanity would pay for the technology.

Congressmembers are considering raising the Social Security retirement age

For many of us following the baby boomer bubble, we've assumed full social security benefits wouldn't be available to us at 65. That looks more likely as leading members of both parties are considering raising the age of eligibility to 70.

Jerry Brown is relishing his battle with the ACLU

On Tuesday morning's "AirTalk," the state Attorney General blasted the ACLU's lawsuit against Prop 69, the measure voters approved that calls for collecting DNA samples from everyone arrested on a felony.

Oil company may be making progress on capping Gulf of Mexico spill

Oil company BP is in the process of installing a new containment cap at the source of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill Monday.

Justice Dept. says it didn't blow Polanski extradition process

However, Swiss authorities released the gifted director Monday morning, citing the American government's unwillingness to provide additional documents relating to the original deal the late presiding judge made with prosecutors back in the '70s.