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John Horn is the host of The Frame. He previously was a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times, where he covered the film business for more than a decade. Before joining The Times, Horn was a senior writer at Newsweek magazine, a senior editor at Premiere magazine, an entertainment reporter for The Associated Press and a television reporter for the Orange County Register. He is an honors graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Dramatic Arts. He is a former member of the vestry at All Saints Church and a former member of the boards of the National Arts Journalism Program and Union Station Homeless Services.

Stories by John Horn

Viggo Mortensen On His Directorial Debut And Where His Inspiration For ‘Falling’ Came From

Viggo Mortensen, known for his acting role in the Lord of The Rings trilogy, made his directorial debut this year with the new film “Falling.”

Director Bryan Fogel On His New Film ‘The Dissident’ And What Draws Him To Documentaries

The documentary “The Dissident” pieces together the details surrounding the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who disappeared in Istanbul in 2018.

John Horn Talks With Director Hao Wu About The Making Of ‘76 Days’ Amid Chaos

The documentary “76 Days” takes viewers into Wuhan hospitals, following frontline healthcare workers as they battled COVID-19 during the city’s months-long lockdown early in the pandemic.

Director Steve McQueen On The Making Of ‘Small Axe’ And The Need For Resilience

The series tells personal stories from London’s West Indian community as lives are shaped by resilience amid widespread racism.

‘The Climb’ Filmmakers Take A Bike Ride With John Horn And Talk Bringing A Short To Feature Length

The feature film “The Climb” experienced several release delays that stretched through most of last year. It’s something others in the industry are grappling with as well.

“Tenet” Star John David Washington Talks Audiences (Finally) Getting To Watch The Much Awaited Film

The long-anticipated movie “Tenet” is finally being released in theaters . . . except in Los Angeles. The film’s budget and intention to be a “big theater” experience pushed Warner Bros. to pursue a theatrical release, instead of straight to on-demand. But that means SoCal moviegoers are going to miss John David Washington’s leading performance in the Christopher Nolan directed film. It’s not the release he was expecting, but he’s glad it’s finally out.

What It’s Like To Go To The Movies During COVID-19

Christopher Nolan’s new time travel thriller “Tenet” has been touted as the film to bring back movie theaters during the COVID-19 pandemic. While it remains to be seen whether that prediction comes true, if there’s going to be a film to do it, another one of Nolan’s so-called “brainy blockbusters” in the vein of “Inception” and “Interstellar” has as good a chance as anything. Nolan and Warner Brothers delayed the film’s release several times over the course of two months, insisting that the film be seen as Nolan intended it to -- on the big screen.

Studios And Unions Release Blueprint On How To Resume Production Safely

Hundreds of thousands in the entertainment industry have lost their jobs. Virtually all live action filming in the state has stopped. But now Hollywood has a plan to resume production safely.

92nd Academy Awards: 'Parasite' Gets A Hollywood Ending With Best Picture Win

The Oscars seemed poised to honor a history movie. Instead, Academy Award voters made movie history.

What 'A Quiet Place' can teach Hollywood about original stories

Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form discuss the film's unexpected success and the difficulty of finding original horror screenplays.

Pulitzer Prize winner Kendrick Lamar goes deep into religious symbolism with 'Damn'

Religion, redemption and reconciliation are among the many themes running through the rapper's album, "Damn."

'Dolores': The 87-year-old activist who just won't quit

She's a women's rights activist and union organizer who worked alongside Cesar Chavez. Now, Dolores Huerta is the subject of a documentary.

'Roxanne, Roxanne' tells the story of a teen rap prodigy

At 14, Roxanne Shanté become a revered rapper in New York and beyond. Now, her life story has been made into a biopic written and directed by Michael Larnell.

‘Wild Wild Country’: The true story of a cult, mass poisonings and assassination attempts

The Netflix docu-series tells the story from the early '80s of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his efforts to build a community in Oregon.

Frances McDormand's 'inclusion rider' explained

The actress called for equality efforts to be written into contracts. How hard would it be to implement? Entertainment lawyer Linda Lichter weighs in.