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Assistant Producer

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Emily Henderson is an Assistant Producer who supports our broadcast shows including newscasts, Air Talk with Larry Mantle, Take Two and The Frame.

Emily is loving the chance to live out her public radio dreams. She’s gotten to produce a wide range of stories from little known slices of L.A. history to the first Mars mission to launch from the west coast. She was previously an intern on Marketplace’s flagship afternoon show.

Emily originally hails from Olympia, Washington but after attending Occidental College (class of 2017), SoCal stole her heart and she can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Stories by Emily Henderson

LA has a high-tech solution to clean up a dirty creek

Ballona Creek flows from mid-L.A. through Culver City, emptying into the Santa Monica Bay, and along with water, it carries a lot of trash and debris.

Santa Monica is helping seniors pay rent-- Now LA might too

L.A.'s rising housing costs can hit seniors on a fixed income particularly hard.

Miracle Mile has a new crosswalk, specially designed to protect pedestrians

Most crosswalks look the same: white stripes on the street, signals on either side telling you when to walk.

California could have fewer days of horse racing next year

The California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) will continue discussing the schedule for race days in 2020 at their meeting, Thursday.

LA's plastic waste could have a new use in city streets

LA's plastic waste could soon be put to use in the pavement of the city's streets. City Council is considering a pilot program to test the idea.

Metro's Bike Share Program Expands to North Hollywood.

The Metro bike share program has had its ups and downs. Last year Pasadena's bike share ended, after only 14 months, due to low ridership.

How Los Angeles is celebrating the royal wedding

From royal slumber parties to royal tea, there's plenty of ways to join in the fun, right here in LA, no plane ticket required.

From racist films to unethical land grabs, these 3 people shaped LA's future

In "Mirage Factory," author Gary Krist writes that creating Los Angeles without the help of Mother Nature took creativity, ingenuity and even a few lies.

Burbank is losing a haven for local bibliophiles

Book Castle Movie World gave Burbank shoppers decades of eclectic finds, and they weren't just books. Now it's closing its doors for good.

As summer approaches, here's how to get mosquitoes and ticks to bug off

Bug-borne diseases like West Nile, Lyme disease and Zika have tripled, according to the CDC — but you can still go outside, armed with just a few handy tips.

American Apparel's new owners are rebooting the brand

The fashion brand announced plans to open the first brick-and-mortar American Apparel store since the company's bankruptcy. And it will be in LA.

Disneyland goth gathering Bats Day scales back

The annual goth gathering celebrates 20 years at the park, but with plans to cut back by organizers, the anniversary will be bittersweet.

A new art exhibit takes graffiti 'Beyond the Streets'

Whether people see it as art or as vandalism, street art is here to stay, says the show's curator, so people should try to understand it.

West Hollywood has a 'Saved by the Bell' pop-up restaurant

The creators hope this "Saved by the Bell playground" is fit to please even the biggest preppies.

California blasts off to Mars for the first time

The InSight lander may be studying Mars but scientists hope it will help them learn more about the story of our own planet, Earth.