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Host, All Things Considered and the podcast, Consider This

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Austin Cross is the host of the early edition of All Things Considered and the podcast, Consider This.

As a toddler, Austin was placed in front of a mic by his father to deliver mock newscasts. He was a natural and has been honing his broadcast journalism skills for the last decade.

As a business producer for CBS Radio station KNX in the early 2010s, he and his hosts helped guide Southern California through an unprecedented financial crisis. His writing and production won him the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) Golden Microphone Award for “Best Business and Consumer News Reporting in 2012.

Before arriving at KPCC in 2014, Austin worked at Marketplace, producing stories for the daily program and Marketplace Weekend.

He joined KPCC first as an associate producer for Take Two in 2014.

Over the next six years, Austin created a niche for himself, tackling two of the most challenging conversations over the last five years: race and politics.

Austin produced a series of segments aimed at making the news personal: his Children Crossing series amplified the stories of immigrants brought to America at a young age.

To encourage listeners in the early days of the pandemic, his series Positivity Amid Pandemic featured words of encouragement from members of the Southern California community.

His reporting on the U.S. Census unearthed a report linking the Japanese Internment to the Census Bureau.

Austin’s reporting has been heard on NPR and KQED’s statewide program, California Report. His essays about race have been prominently featured as part of LAist’s “Race in LA” series.

When he’s not on the job, Austin enjoys writing music, cooking, and spending time with his wife, Natalie.

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