Southern California Public Radio News Staff

The hosts, producers and others who make what you hear -- both on air and off.

Ashley Alvarado Director of Community Engagement
Dana Amihere Data Editor
Deanna Archetto Senior Membership Manager
Caitlin Biljan Administrative Assistant, Unheard LA
Monica Bushman Producer, The Frame
Ruth Calichman Leadership Circle Officer
James Chow Apprentice News Clerk, AirTalk
Natalie Chudnovsky Producer, AirTalk
Jon Cohn Managing Producer, Forum Programs & Live Events
Austin Cross Host, All Things Considered and the podcast, Consider This
Mariana Dale Early Childhood Education Reporter
Matt Dangelantonio Producer, AirTalk
Bill Davis President Emeritus
Libby Denkmann Senior Politics Reporter
Isaac DeSanto Leadership Circle Giving Specialist
Emily Elena Dugdale Veterans/Criminal Justice Reporter
Leo Duran Producer and Reporter, Take Two
Sabrina Fang Apprentice News Clerk, AirTalk
Ryan Fonseca News, LAist
Jackie Fortiér Health Reporter
Brian Frank Special Projects, LAist
Erick Galindo Immigrant Communities Reporter
Richard Henry Garcia Studio Technician
Megan Garvey Executive Editor
Oscar Garza Senior Producer, The Frame
Doug Gerry Manager of Broadcast Media Operations
Katherine Gfeller Senior Major and Planned Giving Officer
Paul Glickman Senior Editor
Emily Guerin Senior Environment Reporter
Adolfo Guzman-Lopez Education Correspondent
Lance Harper Chief Engineer
Mary Hawley Vice President of Underwriting Sales
Emily Henderson Assistant Producer
Adriene Hill Managing Editor
John Horn Host, The Frame
Josie Huang Asian American Communities Correspondent
Tracy Irons-Georges Institutional Giving Program Manager
Carla Javier Community Engagement Reporter
Doug Johnson Vice President, Technology & Operations
Lisa Brenner Associate Editor, LAist
Mike Kessler Former Senior Editor, Investigations and Projects
Carol Komatsuka Director of Development
Megan Larson Senior Producer, Take Two
Brianna Lee Associate Editor, Audience Engagement
Suzanne Levy Editor
Veronica Lopez Director, Underwriting Sales
Elsa Luna Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Larry Mantle Host, AirTalk
Tony Marcano Managing Editor
Jacob Margolis Science Reporter
Lita Martinez Producer
A Martínez Host, Take Two
Sharon McNary Infrastructure Correspondent
Aaron Mendelson Investigative Reporter
Kristen Muller Chief Content Officer
Julia Murray Assistant Producer, AirTalk
Fiona Ng Managing Producer, On-Demand
Rebecca Nieto Senior Producer, News
Jessica Ogilvie Digital Producer, LAist
Eduardo Perez Audio Production Engineer
Hasmik Pohosyan Senior Studio Technician
Itxy Quintanilla Assistant Producer
John Rabe Production & Promotions Director
Bianca Ramirez Broadcast Production Manager, Operations
Jill Replogle Reporter, College Pathways
Rob Risko Director of Membership and Leadership Circle
Stefanie Ritoper Engagement Producer, Early Childhood Education
Mike Roe Arts & Entertainment, LAist
Leslie Berestein Rojas Editor, Diverse Communities
Nick Roman Host, All Things Considered
Kelly Salloum Major Gift Officer
Brian De Los Santos LAist Editor
Ari Saperstein Assistant Producer
Herb Scannell President & CEO
Elina Shatkin Food, LAist
Hershal Shevade Member Services Representative
Kyle Stokes Education Reporter
Frank Stoltze Public Safety Correspondent
Rebecca Stumme Events Manager
Danny Sway Membership Manager, Digital
Walter Thompson-Hernández Podcast Host, LAist Studios
Sanden Totten Host, Brains On
Delaine Ureño Institutional Giving Officer
Manny Valladares Apprentice News Clerk, AirTalk
David Wagner Business and Economy Reporter
Susanne Whatley Host, Morning Edition
Carla Wohl Senior Vice President of Development
Lindsey Wright Associate Producer, AirTalk
Elly Yu Investigative Reporter