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AirTalk: What The Extension Of California's Rent Moratorium Means For Tenants And Landlords

On Tuesday's show:  

  • COVID-19 AMA: WHO, Los Angeles County Recommend Masking Indoors Regardless Of Vaccination Status To Prevent Delta Variant Spread
  • What You Need To Know If You Haven't Gotten Your Real ID Yet
  • A New Study Suggests That Alien Planet Watchers, If They're Looking For Us, May Be Able To Spot Earth -- In A Few Decades
  • CA Extends Rent Protections, Plans To Pay Past-Due Rent For Low-Income Residents. What Does This Mean For Renters And Building Owners?
  • Why A New Government UFO Report Cannot Explain Over Hundred Object Sightings
  • How Has Your Culture Impacted Your Relationship (Or Lack Thereof) With Mental Health?

How To (New) LA

Angelenos are facing a protracted pandemic, a reckoning over racial inequity, and a smog of mixed signals about how to exist safely. These guides were created to help you navigate the day-to-day in L.A. as it changes (sometimes literally) minute-by-minute.